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How often do you use it?

For the best results the Thorex Massager should be used daily.  There is no true limit to using the product but let your body tell you when it feels the Thorex Massager has been effective!

What surfaces can I use it on?

The Thorex Massager can be used on any wall for the lightest pressure.  For more intense treatment use it on the floor.  Carpet, tile, or hard wood floor are the best surfaces for the Thorex Massager wheels.  Use caution when using the Thorex Massager on an unstable surface. 

How do I clean it?

The Thorex Massager should be cleaned with soap and water. It can be dissembled for deep cleaning between the wheels and axels if necessary. 

The exterior parts are comprised of ABS plastic with the wheels being a polyurethane product. A cloth towel with light soap and water should eliminate any dirt or debris on the wheels or plastic.

How does the Thorex compare to a high-end trigger point foam roller?

The Thorex is designed to improve soft tissue mobility in the paraspinal muscles that are along the spine and between the shoulder blades. These muscles are hard to get with a foam roller or myofascial ball. The Thorex will also mobilize the joints in the spine to improve join health and can decrease pressure on the nerve roots. The high-end trigger point foam rollers are effective for broad surface areas and are difficult to use for these regions.  They also put the spine in an extended position which could be dangerous for nerve entrapment. The Thorex will keep your spine in a neutral position while working the tissue.

Would this device relieve sciatic pain?

The Thorex was designed to massage the soft tissue along the spine and mobilize the facet joints in the spine.   By doing so it will improve the mobility of the foramina that give rise to the sciatic nerve.  If the sciatic symptoms are coming from the nerve roots it will help relieve the pain.  Please remember to consult with an orthopedist or physical therapist if you have any questions or concerns about your specific case.  We can help refer you to a clinician if needed.

What is your experience with the Thorex and people with Scoliosis?

The Thorex was designed to mobilize the facet joints in the spine and massage the soft tissue along the spine.  That being said it will improve the joint mobility in a person with early onset Scoliosis.  If the scoliosis is advanced and bony adaptations have caused the spine to progress into a large scoliotic angle it will not change the anatomic adaptation of the bones.

The Thorex is a self-mobilizing and massage tool.  Please remember to consult with an orthopedist or physical therapist if you have any questions or concerns about your specific case.  We can help refer you to a clinician if needed.

Do you have any references or support from the medical community for your product?

The Thorex was co-produced by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to make sure the product is safe and effective.  The product provides trigger point release, acupressure, and massage to the Paraspinal muscles, Rhomboids, Mid/Lower Trapezium, and Latissimus Dorsi.  It also mobilizes the facet joints in a safe range of motion.  The Thorex is used in our orthopedic clinics and is the best on the market for self-mobilization. The Thorex is an effective product and we hope you think so as well.

Has this been tested on varying aged, weight & height people? If so, what were the findings for heavier-set people?

The Thorex Massager has shown to be effective on all heights and weights.  It is safe for heavier set individuals and the pressure can be modified to the clients preference by use against a wall or on the ground.  Older clients may need to use the product against a wall to decrease the pressure in cases of spinal stenosis or osteoporosis.   

Can it be heated or chilled for additional therapeutic benefits?

This could be in a product coming soon!  The Thorex Massager was not designed for cryotherapy or heat treatments.  Instead, use heat treatments prior to using the Thorex Massager to improve soft tissue extensibility and get the best results. 

Any concerns you may have using the Thorex Massager, we suggest you consult with your physician.