Deep-tissue massage exactly where you need it.

Painful knots? Not anymore. 

Working from home with bad posture, "mouse shoulder", chronic back pain, sports injuries, or just tight muscles are no match for the Thorex massager. 

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    The design of our wheels along with your body weight will dig in to get rid of those painful knots and tight muscles.

  • Targeted Areas

    Our designer is a doctor of physical therapy who knows exactly where to hit the most painful muscle groups. 

  • Spine Alignment

    Our design will spread pressure over a larger area, improving your posture, re-aligning your spine, and help alleviate chronic pressure.

  • Quality & Design

    This is no "cheap toy". The Thorex is a tank! It's extremely durable, and built to last. You can literally drive over this with your truck. Seriously!

"Mouse Shoulder"

If you use a mouse with your computer regularly, you know exactly where it hurts... right around your 'scapula'.

A few minutes with this bad boy a couple times a week, and you'll forget how much your muscles used to bother you. 

Product Reviews

"Upon taking it out of the box, you can tell Thorex didn’t spare any expense on packaging. Along with the massager they give you a card with different pictures that show you how to use it for different parts of the body. The massager itself is of heavy duty construct, you can tell is very well made. Once I laid it on the floor and let my back get massaged by it, it was GREAT!!it really got my lower back. And my erectors felt so relieved. I would definitely recommend this tool if you have back stiffness or just need a quick relief."

"I absolutely love this back roller massager. I use it every morning when I get out of bed and whenever I feel I need a boost to my day. It relieves tension like no other back roller. I love it. You can isolate on different parts of your back and spine to really feel a great release. The other great thing is the portability. It's not bulky like other rollers which makes it easy to throw in my bag where ever I go. Super convenient and highly recommended!"

"I work a ton sitting behind my laptop. The Thorex digs deep into the crazy knots I have in between my shoulder blades .. it’s a little pricey but definitely worth it because it’s kinda like multiple devices rolled into one and super sturdy."

"I had a big interview today, I wear heels when I work. This morning I woke up tense and stiff. I tried my new Thorex Massager and holy crap! This thing is awesome! I rolled on it on the ground super slow. Helped my sciatic nerve and my tight neck. I only used it about 15 minutes and already felt better. There’s a nice box it comes in that I put it back in to store it. The card explains what to do really well based on your need. I only have one wish for this, it needs to come with a dog toy. Rolling on my back, I had a very curious critter. He kept licking me and trying to play as I rolled, so maybe we both had some fun with it 🤷🏻‍♀️"